The Ugly Truth

Illiterate parents in low-income households face a grim reality: Limited literacy severely curtails their ability to increase monthly income, thereby forcing both primary caregivers to work round the clock in many families. Earning a living comes at the cost of spending time with their children - time that is crucial for child development. With limited resources at their disposal, the parents are also unable to set up or afford proxies to care for their children. Thus starts a destructive, intergenerational cycle of poverty and inability to improve life outcomes.


32, Tailor, Housewife & Mother of three.

"I wish I could read my own medicine prescription. I have trouble doing this every day. I couldn't study because my father was an alcoholic."

"I want Aditi, my daughter, to be independent and live on her own terms. That's why I send her to school every day."

Aditi attends school every day and is a student of the third Grade. With fierce support from Kanchan, one would presume Aditi and her sisters would perform well in school. But that is not the case.

Aditi cannot read simple english words
or perform two-digit subtraction.

Something Skewed

Things weren’t supposed to pan out this way. Kanchan is worried that Aditi is not performing well in school. Despite her best intentions, she feels helpless and incapable of meeting Aditi’s needs. Her confidence is shattered, and she is consumed with stress. This also adversely impacts her ability to foster a conducive learning environment for her daughters at home. Is she alone?

Over 74 million parents like Kanchan are not equipped to support their children.

As a result, millions of children like Aditi grow up with poor development outcomes that hinder their learning, health and behaviour. Recent statistics on Grade 3 students in India are a reflection of this unfortunate situation:


cannot read simple english words


cannot perform two-digit subtraction

An urgent intervention is required.
Here’s where Meraki comes in.

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