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Meraki's COVID-19 response ›


Meraki works with low-income families on:

  • Building Responsive Parent-Child Relationships
  • Development of Core Life-skills in Children
  • Stress Reduction in Caregivers

This is delivered through a layered intervention comprised of Content, Training & Technology. Together, these layers act as a singular solution to strengthen relationships at home and improve development outcomes for the children of low-income households.


Our content is engaging, accessible and designed to catalyse dialogue between the parent and the child. Parents receive this material at workshops as kits containing relatable stories and activities. Technology further compounds access and engagement with content via voice-guided activities. Here’s an interactive example of our “Roko, Socho, Badlo” principle. Fun!


A pile of chappals outside a classroom

Our workshops involve hands-on work with parents to build their capacity to engage with our content, and with their children. They are guided on how to improve conversation with children and how to effectively implement home-based activities. Additionally, in-person home visits provide Meraki valuable face time with families to help learn about their specific challenges. This time, it’s personal.

Download our white paper to learn more about the science driving our solution.

Cover of the Meraki Whitepaper


Our custom-built Bot provides long-term engagement and support to parents, and serves as an automated activity reminder. Technology enables Meraki to reach an additional segment of parents who cannot read, but can interact through voice-guided activities. Our most nuanced intervention layer, technically speaking.

Personalised & Automated activities
Content that facilitates conversation
Audio content in local languages

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