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One of the most reserved mother’s, Pinky didi hails from Rajasthan. She moved with her family to Delhi about 20 years ago. Pinky didi studied till Grade 4 before she quit school. Her family faced significant hardships due to poverty, and her childhood was tough. Today, Pinky is very content and happy and has no complaints with the three children of her own and one daughter from her husband’s previous marriage. She tries her best to be a part of her children’s growth and development.

Pinky didi knows that her children must be educated. Recently, her 13-year old daughter , Payal quit school and took a gap year to pursue a beautician course. Pinky didi explained to her daughter that it was important for her to complete her education first and discussed with her daughter how she would have further options after she finished studies, including the option to pursue beautician training if she wanted.

Before Meraki’s intervention, she was unaware how to support her children. Today, Pinky feels more strongly than before that she should spend time with her children, and that she is able to understand her children better than she did before. She even makes an effort to continue the activities outside the house.

"Jab hum bahar jaate hai, main usko poochti hu, rangon ke baare mein. Kabhi kabhi ho jata hai ki main na baihtu, par zyadatar har din baithne ki koshish karti hu activities karne ke liye Pehle mujhe nahi pata tha ki yeh sab karna zaroori hai, aur ab, jab main jaan gayi hu, main karti hu".

She has also noticed a change in herself. She feels more knowledgeable now and things she can take it forward even when the program stops. Her evolution over the past two months has been commendable: from a place where she wanted to be supportive of her children’s learning, to enabling its practice every day. She does this by engaging with her children regarding their school work and asking them what they learnt in school daily.

"Mummy baithe hain humare saath aur activity karti hai, school ke bare mein poochti hain, achha lagtha hai".

Her child’s testimonial makes Pinky didi an example of progress not only for her children, but also as a parent. Overcoming the inaccessibility of education for herself, and being a support to see her children and be a part of their education makes Pinky didi feel proud of herself. And us immensely proud of her.

Picture of Chris, the author of this case study
Documented by Chris Kollian, ECE & Education Lead
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