How does Meraki help?

Parents have the highest incentive and stake in their child’s future.

Though parents, from low disadvantaged backgrounds, lack the knowledge, capability and capacity to support their child’s development in the areas of education, health and socio-emotional skills. This problem is severe with parents who’ve never completed their own schooling. With lack of support from parents, most first generation learners struggle in schools.

The dire effects of this situation are: Higher Dropout Rates, Low academic achievement and poor health.

To ensure that parents have the knowledge, capability and capacity, Meraki is working day and night to be able to:

  1. Inform Parents of the current educational and healthcare status of their children
  2. Providing them access to tools and support network to improve healthcare and academic outcomes
  3. Facilitating stronger institutional coordination and alignment by ensuring stronger parent participation in schools.

This will ensure that, the parents are able to transcend the knowledge and network barriers that are hindering the progress of their children.

And thereby resulting in: Lower Dropout Rates, High academic achievement and Better health.